Online submission sheet (OSS) is a web-based application for students, faculty, academic staff and parents who want to get and retrieve student’s internal exam information instantly via internet. The major benefit of this web portal is to store the student’s information at one place (like SERVER) and it can be accessed via online interaction. The OSS web portal is to replace the old and traditional file (paper work) storing process. Instead of tedious paper work, students will be able to submit required information electronically, and the departments will be able to evaluate the submissions with a much quicker turnaround.

benefits of online Submission sheet

Saving the extra time of going too far.

Need not necessary to go to each and every teacher to get results of particular subject one by one.

Students need not wait for their turn.

No need to stand in a long queue in front of teacher to wait for your turn.

All records are kept in one place, so easy to view them.

All faculty members managed student marks online which provide facility to student to view their own marks at any time and from any place.

Save Paper, Save Tree.

Thousands of papers are wasted per semester so we can contribute minor ratio for savings of trees.